Maria Laura Ramello – Master 2011-2012

«I graduated during the heat wave of June and the only thing I remember of that day are the fields full of sunflowers crossed by car while driving towards the faculty, and that I couldn’t open the bubbly wine to celebrate. Five years of university have helped me understand that I didn’t want to become a teacher.

It is a job that you do for vocation, and I never had it. So, I decided that I wanted to “work in a company”, they told me that lots of companies were willing to employee graduate in philosophy, so why not give it a try? However, not feeling ready to deal with such a different world, I decided to apply for ISTAO’s master in Strategy and Business Management.

I studied all summer to enter the master and at the end I won a scholarship. So, I begun one of the most wonderful years of my life. Going back to class was a strange feeling. Strange was substituting Heigger with balance sheets, stop reading Baudrillarde and start reading Kotler, putting aside metaphysics to welcome Information Systems.

The most extraordinary part was meeting every day graduates from different fields with such a different background from mine. We had some great discussion, and for the first time I used a Mac, discovered what are integers, how does an engine work.  I spoke a lot in English and did my first job interviews. I even slept in a tent in the garden, it is called team building. I started using new words as “renting”. I met general directors of big companies, and their drivers. I started using so many acronyms as: CDA, CEO, SEO, DG, AD, MKTG. I studied so much and understood how important team-work is. There have been some nights without sleeping to prepare for tests, presentations, discussions but also parties, wine and chocolate cakes.

Such a particular year, strange, requiring a lot of effort, full but wonderful. A year that has enriched my knowledge and that has giving me the opportunity to meet so many extraordinary people. A year that I will remember for sure. For this reason, I suggest ISTAO to all those I know, it has been one of those experience that you start without knowing what to expect but that then change your life».