The Alumni Club is addressed to all those who have attended our courses. It is an occasion to meet up with their fellow students and share their professional and personal experiences. Each or these activities are considered important for generating value for our Community. After the experience in ISTAO, some have started working in manufacturing or service enterprises, others as entrepreneurs, researchers, professors, consultants or in the public administration. Whatever their professional path, the ex-ISTAO students are involved in a dynamic context and are asked each day to face a new scenario. Technological requirements, incentives from the global markets, challenges offered by new life styles make these moments a price-less experience. A generational, sectorial and functional discussion that can offer new incentives and contribute towards new ideas and relationships. It is with the Alumni Club that we want to increase the flow of relationships between old and new students, creating opportunities even for the territory.

There is much more.

The Alumni can support the development of the institute. How?

Participating in the following activities:

In the institutional activities

  • Becoming a supporting member
  • Suggesting research projects at which ISTAO could participate

In the Master and teaching activities:

  • Suggesting internships for the students
  • Hosting and organizing work-shops in their firms
  • Sharing their experience in the class-room
  • Offering a scholarship

In the Alumni Club

  • Becoming technical sponsors of an event for the Club
  • Hosting and organizing a work-shop in their firm for the Alumni. Informing on the junior and senior needs of their firms.