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Villa Favorita has been hosting ISTAO from 1998. The Villa was acquired by the Institute in 1990 and then went through a long process of renovation and restoration. With its octagonal plant, the astonishing building is located at the outskirts of Ancona. It was built under the order of Conte Luigi Ricotti, belonging to a rich family of merchant and shipowners from Ancona, between the end of XVII and the beginning of XIX century.

The representative and study functions are held in the little campus that with its prominent architecture leads to a comfortable environment where study and experience a cultural and personal growth. The campus is composed of: Villa Favorita, Scuderie/ Stables/ Limonaia and Winter Garden.

There is an Aula Magna and a hall for conferences and meetings, class-rooms, classes for individual and team -work and a documentation centre. The villa is surrounded by a park used for out-door training activities.