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Cultural and Sustainable tourism across the Ionian-Adriatic macroregion


3 Dicembre 2016

Villa Favorita, Via Zuccarini, 15 Ancona

The workshop promoted by ISTAO on cultural and sustainable tourism development aims to involve several stakeholders for the definition of a Ionian-adriatic network for activities in the field of sustainable and cultural tourism. The network will be developed and oriented to favour the connection between agents and research centres in the Macroregional Area; to identify synergies among activities, events and programmes by stakeholders and partners organizations; to identify proposals and strategies for economic, social and environmental sustainability of projects; to enhance synergies among actors, organizations, stakeholders.
Among the final objectives, the workshop will be focused on the presentation of a Master programme devoted to reinforce and develop high professional skills and competencies on Tourism Industry Management for new and existing firms, on the competences and educational needs, on the sustainable tourism through the valorisation of artistic, cultural and religious roads.


Welcome address
Pietro Marcolini Presidente ISTAO
Irene Manzi  Camera dei Deputati, Commissione Cultura, Scienza e Istruzione
Moreno Pieroni Assessore Turismo Regione Marche
Carlo Pesaresi Progetto Adriatico

Almir Pestek University of Sarajevo
Development of common/regional tourism products and need for networking of regional partners as well as development of educational platforms
Lejla Dizdarevic University of Sarajevo
Essentials of increasing the value of cultural heritage in the Adriatic and Ionian Region

Sabrina Dubbini ISTAO
Proposal of “Master in cultural and sustainable tourism across Macroregion”
Carlo Neumann President of Conero Riviera Association
Sustainable tourism in Conero Riviera

Lodovico Gherardi ADRION Managing Authority Coordinator
European territorial cooperation and macroregion strategies for sustainable tourism in adriatic-ionian area 

Alessio Ferrari Angelo Comneno di Tessaglia President of Angelica-Costantiniana Accademy
The Angeli’s road